The needs of every jobsite are unique, so we have developed a versatile system that continues to adapt to those needs.  Our service was born out of direct requests from field personnel for reliable jobsite technology. 

They wanted a rooftop camera but had no power – we created our solar camera. 

They wanted an indoor camera that would not get in the way of finishing the walls and ceilings – we created a window-mountable camera. 

They wanted an easy way to view the progress photos – we created a web portal where the photos update in real time. 

Then they asked if we could include the photos from another vendor in our portal because ours was so much better – and we did that too. 

And because WiFi is so important at the jobsite, we created cameras that can blanket the entire site with WiFi coverage while collecting time lapse progress photos. 

We are inventors, we are innovators, but most importantly, we are problem solvers.



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View from Solar-powered roof camera, beaming Internet from across the street.