Welcome to Jobsite.cam, providing Timelapse and Live Surveillance Cameras for Construction jobsites in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We customize camera systems for your specific needs.

Need a timelapse camera on a neighbor’s roof for 2 years while you build a ground-up apartment complex?  Oh, you have no power or internet but you want a live video feed from the same spot so you can stream to your office TV all day?  No problem.  We built a custom solar camera system and beamed the internet service from the jobsite trailer 2 blocks away.

You want wifi service throughout a 9-floor project?  We installed wifi mesh access points throughout the site.  Bonus:  Every access point is also a timelapse camera and now you have footage of your project from beginning to end.  Every camera also stores video so we can go back and see key events and save them for marketing or even police.